Earn 4 Credits

Earn Four Credits

At Trailhead, you earn 4 high school credits just as you would in your regular home school.  The difference is that the credits are integrated through experiential activities and classroom learning.  You are encouraged to make connections across different disciplines, instead of seeing them as separate and isolated.  This means that when you are presenting work for a Civics project, you are also working on elements of other credits (such as English).  The requirements for the different credits are covered over the entire semester through different activities, experiences and projects.  At times a particular “event” is covering elements from several different credits.

English: ENG2D, ENG2P or ENG2L

A grade-10, compulsory credit

Career Studies and Civics: GLC20 and CHV20

Each is a grade-10, compulsory half-credit.

Outdoor Physical Education: PAD2O

A grade-10 credit that can count as the compulsory Phys.-Ed. credit or as a Group-2 compulsory credit

Leadership and Peer Support: GPP30

A grade-11 credit that can count as a Group-1 compulsory credit

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Funding provided by the Halton District School Board, the Halton Learning Foundation and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

Halton District School Board Gary Allan High School

Trailhead is a Gary Allan High School program in the Halton District School Board.