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Teacher   –   Darryl Houghton                                                 Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 4.21.26 PM
Nature Name:  Loon
Why this name? I really dig paddling in Algonquin Provincial Park, and I wanted a nature name that captured something of the magic of the place. ‘Sunset’ seemed too universal, and ‘Rock’ just didn’t capture the Canadian Shield. I opted for ‘Loon’ because, in many ways, they represent the feeling of Algonquin that I love most. 
BCP/TH role and responsibilities: Loon teaches Civics/Careers, Outdoor Phys. Ed., and Interdisciplinary Studies with Trailhead. He is also in charge of keeping our place free of zombies and full of working technology!
Began at BCP: 2011
# of years in education: 12
What brought you to BCP: Cosmic forces of the universe.
Most enjoyable aspect of working with BCP: We have an awesome ‘backyard’ to enjoy.
Favourite memory or highlight: Working on paddling skills and creating bonds with students in Algonquin is pretty special.
Something related to BCP of which you are most proud: Being able to focus on the ‘active’ part of Active Citizenship in Civics.
Program Leader –  Lynn Ohanian                                           Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 4.30.53 PM                    
Nature NameSnowy
Why this nameMy first day at BCP, school was cancelled.  Yes,  it was a snow day, due to the first big storm of 2015!
Responsibilities:  Program Leader-BCP and Trailhead.  I am responsible for the guidance role at BCP/Trailhead and facilitate registrations, curriculum, and the Specialist High Skills Major program.
Began at BCP: 2015
# of years in education: many!
What brought you to BCP?:  I knew of all the wonderful things happening at BCP from my experience as a guidance counselor in Halton and as a co-op teacher at Gary Allan High School.  The opportunity to work with the amazing BCP staff and students presented itself, so here I am!
Most enjoyable aspects of working with BCP:  The enthusiasm for teaching, learning and community by the staff and students.   Also,  having the opportunity to work in a beautiful outdoor setting.
Favourite memory or highlight: I just began my journey so I’m  looking forward to many awesome memories and experiences!
Something related to BCP of which you are most proud:  Knowing the opportunity exists for students to learn outside, thrive and succeed in a non-traditional, integrated program that is usually the best experience of their lives.
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