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Trailhead & BCP Alumnus

Trailhead Student 2016

Trailhead has been a wonderful experience. I have learned many things, done so much and cannot be more thankful for what this program has given me. It has allowed me to get up every weekday morning, knowing that it is going to be a good day. I am more knowledgeable about interacting with others because Trailhead gave me a safe environment to show who I was to other people. It has also taught me that we are all weird/special in our own little ways. Trailhead showed me there are options beyond the system that has been set up for us. There is choice, even at this age. I am now inspired to do many more thing that take a little risk, but if they pay off anywhere close to what Trailhead did, then that risk will be well worth it.

Trailhead Student 2016

At Trailhead you can talk about adventure things and nature things all the time and people won’t even blink. I think this really helped me become even more confident with myself. When I go back to normal school, I think I will be able to talk about my interests more freely because of my Trailhead experience.  Trailhead has helped me be myself and it is a skill I hope I never lose. Trailhead has helped me become the person I want to be.

Trailhead Student – Devon

It has changed my perspective on the world.  It’s a lot easier to get engaged in what you’re doing.

Trailhead Student – Heather

It’s a lot less stressful than normal school.

You’re a community [at Trailhead] and you accept people’s faults and you accept their strengths and you build on that…it’s awesome.  It’s the most amazing time I’ve ever had.  There’s no peer pressure, there’s no competition here – it’s all acceptance.   I think I’ll take a piece of everything I’ve learned here back to normal school. – Renee

Trailhead/BCP was the best decision I ever made.  I learned more about myself and the world around me than I have in my sixteen years on this planet.

It’s all about preparing and learning the background knowledge, then going out and applying it to the real world.  It was hard for me to picture how one could live a completely eco-friendly life, until we visited the Whole Village organic farm and Brenda let us spend a day in her shoes.

BCP has taught me that preparation is important, however, it’s okay not to know everything before you try something and mistakes and difficulties increase your learning.

The teamwork in this class taught me something very valuable that I have been struggling with my whole life.  It’s the realization that I can not always be in control.  I can sit back sometimes, and my group will pull their weight, or maybe they won’t.  Either way, they will learn and so will you.

Being a good leader is also being a good follower.  I have already started letting other people make plans and accept help from others and it sure makes a difference.

The most important thing I learned in BCP is what makes me happy.  The winter trip completely transformed my way of thinking.  I didn’t think of home, my mind was clear.  I focused on the beautiful surroundings, my friends, and my own happiness.  When things went wrong, I didn’t get upset, I just worked things out.  This is how I want to go into every new experience in my life.

Doug Jacques – Retired Teacher

One of the things that happens  at Trailhead and Bronte Creek is that students become part of a close-knit community and one of the benefits of being part of a close community is that you feel really comfortable with your peers and it helps people enjoy coming to school every day.  I think people become who they really are when they come to Trailhead or Bronte Creek;  learning should be fun, learning should be engaging.  It’s just a wonderful place to learn which makes it a wonderful place to teach.

Student Course Work Quotes

“After all, being in touch with one’s self or anyone else can occur only in growth over an experiential path of learning, and all of that becomes much more fun when you get to learn outside.” – Cory Maida, Grade 10

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